04 Imaichi Ruins Site

Imaichi Ruins Site Image Download
Imaichi Ruins Site Image Download

Similar to the Nakazu Higashihara Ruins Site, this was also a town at the Masuda River estuary, located at the right bank of the Imaichi River, a tributary of the Masuda River.

The excavated articles from the site suggests the town was formed in the early 16C, peaked in the late 16C and was used until 19C when goods brought from the Sea of Japan relayed here into the inner city of Masuda.

The site now crosses Route 9 at Otoyoshi East junction from north to south, where the allotment of land at that time is still visible. Houses lines up for 150m, with small paths to the river.

A stone wall which was built 18-19C shows some traces of house with jetty.

AddressAddress 島根県益田市乙吉町MAP