18 Portrait of Masuda Motoyoshi on Silk Canvas

Portrait of Masuda Motoyoshi on Silk Canvas

This is a portrait of Masuda Motoyoshi (painted by Kano Shoei), the 20th lord of the Masuda clan.

Armed Motoyoshi is mounted on a dapple-gray horse, with a tiger-skin depicted under the saddle.
Tiger skin was one of the luxury articles imported from China and Korea.

It is written in an ancient document that the Masuda clan carried on active trade with foreign countries.

At the upper part of the picture is a Chinese poem of four lines composed by Nyoten Genkun, a Zen monk of the Toshun-ji Temple, the ancestral temple of Mori Motonari.
The poem, written in the early Edo period (1603 – 1868) after the death of Motoyoshi, praises his good deeds during his lifetime.

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