06 Image of Masuda Kanetaka, colour on paper

This portrait is painted by Sesshu, who is known as a landscapist, and is often used as a standard when other portraits need to appraise if it is a work of Sesshu or not. This is an important piece not only because of the quality of the work itself but also its historical background: Sesshu is said to have visited to work in Masuda twice, once in around 1479 and again in his later years, and deceased at then Toko-ji Temple (present Taikian). The portrait had long been in the collection of the Masuda family, then purchased by Masuda city in 1990 and has been kept in the city’s Sesshu Memorial Museum, where it is exhibited twice a year as Sesshu’s representative work. The museum also owns other valuable cultural properties, from which the visitors can learn about Sesshu’s accomplishments and footsteps.

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