09 Myogi-ji Temple

Myogi-ji Temple Image Download
Myogi-ji Temple Image Download
Myogi-ji Temple Image Download

Myogi-ji Temple, a Buddhist temple of the Soto sect, is said to have been erected by Kaneie, the 13th lord of Masuda, and was considered one of the core religious facilities in Masuda.

In 1581 it was rebuilt by the 19th lord Fujikane and the 20th lord Motoyoshi and functioned as the main Temple of the Soto sect in this area.
Within the Temple’s premises, there is a five-storied pagoda which was said to be the graves of Fujikane and Motoyoshi.

Many Buddhist statues and documents preserved by the Temple are also part of the historical heritage the Masuda clan left in the city.

People now visits here for some cultural experiences such as Zen meditation or music recitals, or to simply enjoy flowers in the garden.

A small but straight path from the Temple, heading north via a small stone bridge, was used as the base line when they started building the town.

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